Kadonneen madon jäljillä Tarina monimuotoisuudesta (free translation, The quest for the lost worm, a story of biodiversity) is an independent sequel for the book Mahdottoman suuri puu Tarina äärettömästä., both written by Jukka Laajarinne and published by Gaudeamus in Finland. 
In this adventure, the main characters Riikkinen and Oukka try to find their lost friend whose existence is vital for the forest, the whole earth they're living in. During their journey the reader will not only learn about biodiversity and importance but also little interesting facts of the bigger and smaller things in the nature that we often take for granted
As well as the first book of this serie, illustrating this project was a huge but rewarding project and I tried to pay more attention in the details this time. I especially enjoyed illustrating different animals and creating a lot of full spread illustrations with detailed backgrounds. 
Gallery of illustrations
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