Voihan nenä! (free translation, Oh nose!) is a endearing children’s story written by Satu Varjonen, illustrated by me and published by Minerva in Finland 2021.

Photo by Kieran Sheehan.

The story is about a little witch girl Telma, who goes to school for the very first time. Her different looks and behaviour cause some confusion among her new classmates, so Telma tries her best to fit in by using her magic to alter her looks. With a little help of her grandmother, Telma learns that no one should have to change their unique beauty in order to please others. 
My longtime dream of illustrating a book that involves witches and magic finally came true with this project and I was captivated by Satu Varjonen’s story from the moment I read the first page of the script. The book was absolutely delightful to illustrate and I had so much fun designing all the characters. Adding little details, animal friends and witchy objects was absolutely one of the best parts of this. 
Gallery of illustrations 
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