Romeo & Hirviöt - Augustuksen arvoitus (Romeo & Monsters - The mystery of Augustus) is a continuation for my comic book series Romeo & Hirviöt. Published in Finland by WSOY, Romeo & Monsters is a story of a 12 year old Romeo who finds out that all of his private school teachers are bloodthirsty monsters. The monsters find the boy fascinating, as his presence is increasing their powers and no one knows why, not even Romeo himself. Romeo’s cousin and classmate Jillian is investigating the mysteries of their family, but she doesn’t believe in monsters. This mix is creating spooky humour suitable for everyone from 9 years and older.
In the third book of the series, we look more into the story of how Augustus Addison, the ancestor of Romeo and Jillian, once met the vampire Raducan, the werewolf Carlos and other monstrous teachers at the school. At the same time, Romeo figures out his own secret, but does he learn how to control his mysterious power...?
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